About Me

My idea of what a Homemaker is was formed by two women, my mother and grandmother. My mom raised my sister and I by herself while working full time. Even though she had a career she still made it to all of our games, events, parent/teacher conferences and such. Our house was always clean and well maintained. She was smart and a hard worker which led to her being well paid and having a successful career. I know that it was challenging, but she did this so well that she made it look easy.

On the other hand there was my grandma whose main job was taking care of her home and family. She cooked dinner every night, and she even made my grandpa’s plate for him. She loved to entertain, most family events were held at her house. She had numerous aprons (some of which were only for when company came over) and a plethora of  fancy serving dishes. (Most of which I now own!) My grandma grew up in a time where you always have a little something to nibble on when someone comes over. She was a great host and a fantastic cook! Both of these women were great examples to me of what it meant to be a Homemaker.

Now that I am married, I get to try my hand at being a Homemaker. I think of myself as a mix between those to women who were such great examples for me. I take pride in doing my best to take care of my husband and my household. I am working towards creating a naturally driven environment and eco-aware environment for us wherever possible. I am still relatively new to the “natural world”. So please don’t expect me to have all the answers or to follow all the rules. However, my goal is to show people how the average person incorporates small, practical changes to cause a big impact on your life and our environment.


More Tidbits About Me

1. I am a Bible believing Christian.

2. My husband and I were both virgins when we got married. (Yeah, he’s not exactly thrilled that I’m sharing this, but he’s cool.)

3. I love to cook. However I usually don’t use measurements, I just wing it and use my 5 senses to decide how things are going.

4. My new fun thing is essential oils. I eventually want to replace most of my medications with them.

5. I enjoy making some of the toiletries and cleaning products for our home. Some of my favorite recipes were found on my Pinterest Page.

6. I am Tour Guide at a Theme Park.

7. I don’t eat red meat and I am not a fan of seafood. (Which is why you won’t see me make much of this at home.)

8. I also work at a parent/child program called Outside the Box which has taught me so much about children and how their brains work.

9. I LOVE giraffes.

10. I love to plan parties and events. It’s really fun for me to go on Pinterest to find great ways to make a party really special and personal.


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