My Blow Out Experience using Shea Moisture’s Blow Out Cream (and some other GREAT products)

A few months ago I saw a review that Mahogany Curls did for Shea Moisture’s Blow Out Cream. At that moment I decided that I needed to try this stuff out. Previously I had a product line that I used that was really great for moisturizing and protecting my hair for straightened styles. But the company went out of business. Since then, I have been looking for replacement products. My blow outs and flat irons have not lived up to my expectations. So I was desperate to find a winner! I have had some great experiences with other Shea Moisture products and Mahogany Curls glowing review made me feel as though this could be a great product for me. The only problem was that I could not find it anywhere! So I made a post on Facebook and Instagram asking people to help me locate a bottle. Then a total stranger told me that she saw them at a Target in New York, and she would be willing to send me a bottle if I paid for it. Her YouTube page is here, feel free to check it out. I had her send me one. (A few days later I had a few friends locate the product in different stores around Southern California.) My hair needed some serious deep conditioning so I set out to find the right combination of products and the right routine that would help me reach my desired results. This video from Taren Guy’s salon series was very helpful in creating a plan for my blow out. Here are the products that I used. image   Terressentials Lavender Mud Wash– This is a product that I have been using for years to clean my hair. It is really moisturizing and makes my hair so soft. I didn’t even have to detangle my hair before applying it. I split my hair up into 4 sections. I sprayed my dry hair with distilled water with my (Naptural85 inspired) oil mix in it. Then I applied about half a palm full to each section making sure to work it into each section well. I covered it with a plastic cap and sat under my hooded dryer for 25 minutes. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque- This was my first time trying this product and I LOVE it! After rinsing out my mud wash I applied this in the shower on each of the 4 sections making sure to work it in well all the way to the ends. A little of this goes a long way. The mud wash did a great job of getting out most of my big knots. But I used this to finger detangle any left over knots. I applied a different plastic cap and sat under the hooded dryer for 30 minutes. After that I rinsed it out. I wore the plastic cap on my head to make sure that my hair stayed wet. The next day I reapplied the masque and wore the plastic cap and a hat as I ran errands. I really wanted my hair to be well moisturized. My goal was to reduce that amount of breakage that I see when straightening my hair and also to increase the elasticity of my strands. I really think it worked! I also did a final rinse with some distilled water. I hear this is great for people who live in places with dry water. (Eventually I want to get a filtered shower head.) image   This is how my hair turned out. My curls were really popping and they were so much looser that they usually are after a wash. I almost wanted to just stop there and do a wash and go! But my job wasn’t done, I still had a few more steps to go. Shea Moisture Smooth and Repair Blow Out Cream- I tried to keep my hair as saturated with water as I could handle. I sectioned my hair again into 4 sections. (I don’t like leaving it in the sections to rinse. I just don’t feel like I can get all of the product out successfully.) I applied a quarter sized amount of the cream on each section. Then I broke those sections into smaller sections and I blow dried using a comb attachment. When I got to the last 2 sections I sprayed them with more distilled water to make sure that they were wet enough. The blow out process only too about 30 minutes. image   After blow drying I sectioned my hair again to flat iron it. Since the blow out cream is also a heat protectant I didn’t worry about applying anything else. My hair was not greasy like some products. But it still felt moisturized and strong. I used a ceramic flat iron, unfortunately it doesn’t tell me exactly what temp I was using. But I used 3 lower than the highest setting which was 8. I also used a flat iron comb to help me. I didn’t want my hair to be bone straight, I like my hair to have a little more body. The flat ironing process only took about 45 min. image   I needed to have my ends trimmed. So a friend of mine took care of that for me. image   Shea Moisture Smooth and Repair High Shine Glosser- I wanted to wear my hair curly since we were going to the our Godson’s baby dedication the following day. But I also didn’t want to use any more heat. So I used “curlformers” (I actually have the curlformer knockoffs but when I tried to find them to link them on Amazon they weren’t there any more.) I used the High Shine Glosser as well as some of my oil mix before applying the curlformers. I didn’t want to use any products with a heavy hold. Plus my ends were beginning to frizz up a bit. I hoped that this would help smooth things out a bit. I wore the “curlformers” over night. image   image   image   Here’s the finished product! I definitely wish I had some light hold hair spray to apply to my curls after removing the curlformers. I LOVED the way they looked. But they didn’t last very long at all. I still loved my hair though and I was really happy with the overall results. I will be using the same plan next time I want to straighten my hair. I feel like my hair was treated well, and I hope that I avoided heat damage. I will update this post once I wash my hair to let you know!

Edit 6/10/15 : I forgot to tell you all, my curls came back and I had no heat damage. Yeah baby!


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I am a working homemaker and soon-to-be mom, striving to create an eco-aware environment. My goal is to show people how the average person incorporates small, practical changes to cause a big impact on your life and our environment.
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