My DIY Giant Jenga Guestbook

Ok so I love me some Pinterest! Before I was even engaged I spent literally years adding things to my wedding board. These additions are what made my wedding special and unique. One of the things that I really wanted was a Giant Jenga game guestbook. I saw a few versions on-line. But they were all SO expensive. The cheapest one that I found was $90, and some even had an additional cost for shipping. I definitely was not willing to pay that much. So I set out to make one of my own!

I am not one of those girls that hangs out at Home Depot. I have a cute little pink tool kit. But I mainly just bought it for the hammer and screw drivers. The thought of making this little masterpiece was a bit daunting. I wouldn’t let myself be scared off though. I figured I’m a cute enough girl, not exactly the hottest chick on the planet. Probably not even the hottest girl in the Home Depot. But I should at least be to pull off the I’m just a girl in need of some advice thing pretty well. (Feminists, please don’t send any angry emails, we have to use what we have!)

Thanks to a coupleof  on-line tutorials like this, and this one, I had an idea of what type of wood I needed and the lengths needed as well. I walked in and started looking at the wood pieces. There were so many options! I ended up settling on 2x3x8 stud boards. I took them all over to the saw cutting guy and told him that I needed them cut to a certain size. After he cut about half of the wood, I realized that my measurements were WRONG! Ugh! The Home Depot guy was so nice though. He just cut them again once I figured out the right measurements. Since I already messed up the boards, we had to use a new size or 7.5 inches. This worked out well though because it meant less wood to have to lug around. I ended up with 63 game blocks.


After he was done he told me to take to the front to pay. He told me that they usually charge per cut. But I didn’t have to tell them about all the extra cuts that he had to make. He was so nice and patient with me, I really appreciated it! When I got to the register the lady only charged me for the full pieces of wood, I also got some sand paper. The total cost was under $15, I was so stoked! This of course is much lower than the amount that I would have paid had I purchased a pre-made set.

Goree Wedding Goree Wedding Goree's Wedding Goree WeddingAs mentioned in a previous post, some friends of ours were SO sweet and they sanded and stamped them for us. We used these pens to write on the blocks. After the wedding, Lester used a spray wood sealant to make sure that the writing didn’t fade or get rubbed off.

I will not give you an exact how-to since I ended up getting this messed up a bit. But please check out the tutorials listed above so that you can get the exact measurements. This would be a great game to have for outdoor parties. It would also serve as a great gift for those who like to have game nights. So don’t be scared, if you want your own Giant Jenga set get out there and make one!


About Angela

I am a working homemaker and soon-to-be mom, striving to create an eco-aware environment. My goal is to show people how the average person incorporates small, practical changes to cause a big impact on your life and our environment.
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One Response to My DIY Giant Jenga Guestbook

  1. lorniemcv says:

    Love this idea! As a newly engaged bride to be, I am currently accumulating lots of ideas I like and will definitely be adding this to me ever growing list. If you want to follow my DIY wedding posts, please follow my new blog


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