Movie Night with Pizza and a Homemade Crispy Wing Recipe

For weeks I have been craving pizza and wings. It seems like every time we got ready to get them something got in the way. Either we were too lazy to go pick it up, or I was too cheap to pay for delivery, or I changed my mind and wanted something else.

On my last Costco trip I decided to get some chicken wings instead of my usual boneless skinless chicken breasts. They also had a 12 pack of Naan bread, which I love to use as a quick pizza crust. I knew that both of these would come in handy soon. I froze all of the naan, and separated half of the chicken wings in the fridge.

One of the most annoying things about ordering pizza is the expense of adding many of your own creative toppings. This is why I love making pizza at home. I can put as many toppings as I want, I usually raid my fridge to try to find new and creative options for my pizza.

So anyway enough of that, on to the recipes.


Classic pepperoni pizza, Veggie pesto pizza, and Pesto pepperoni pizza

Naan Pizza Recipe

The pizzas are pretty self explanatory.

Spread a layer of your preferred sauce on your pizza. (I used a heaping tablespoon of marinara sauce and pesto)

Cover with cheese (I used Trader Joes Quatro Formaggio mix)

Sprinkle your favorite toppings on top. (I used turkey pepperoni, spinach, red onion, and sun dried tomatoes)


Boneless honey sriracha wings, Honey sriracha wings, plain wings, Honey bbq wings.

Crispy Baked Chicken Wing Recipe


12 whole chicken wings separated

Desired Seasonings (I used seasoning salt, pepper, garlic powder, TJs 21 Seasoning salute.) Do not over season.

Olive Oil


Preheat oven to 450

Season Chicken

Drizzle about 1 TBS of olive oil on the chicken. You want it to be covered but not totally soaked.

Place chicken on a foil lined baking sheet with skin side up. The chicken pieces should not be touching.

Bake at 450 for 45 minutes.

After that, check chicken every 15 minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn. Once you have reached the desired crispness, remove from oven. (I cooked mine for about 1 1/2 hours)

You can eat them like that or sauce them.

Honey Sriracha Sauce Recipe


2 TBS of Sriracha

2 TBS of Salted Butter

1 TBS of Low Sodium Soy Sauce

1 1/2 TBS of Raw Honey


Add all ingredients to a small sauce pan.

Heat on medium until all the ingredients are melted and combined (about 3 minutes)

Toss cooked chicken wings in the sauce


What are your favorite wing recipes and flavors? Please share!


About Angela

I am a working homemaker and soon-to-be mom, striving to create an eco-aware environment. My goal is to show people how the average person incorporates small, practical changes to cause a big impact on your life and our environment.
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