When your Christmas isn’t so Holly or Jolly…

For the last few years Christmas has been tied with Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. In fact I just love the whole holiday season starting from Thanksgiving day all the way through New Years Day. It’s great seeing people get out of their normal routines. Folks are travelling and visiting with family. You get to eat yummy food and treats that you excuse away by saying, it’s the holidays! People are putting awesome lights and decorations up and surprising you with more cookies and candy than you should ever eat. It’s awesome!

So you can imagine how excited I was for Our First Christmas as the Gorees! I had plans to make some new traditions of our own. Since we were in our own place I could decorate it with what whatever I wanted. (I opted for our wedding colors of pink and turquoise rather than the traditional red and green) It was going to be EPIC! (I know, I hate the overuse of that word too, but it just felt right when discussing Our First Christmas.) I mean I have a pretty full Christmas Pinterest board and I wasn’t afraid to use it!

When Christmas week rolled around I was ready for the fun and games to begin. I went shopping early to find all of the ingredients needed to make our Christmas morning breakfast. I had Christmas day off (which I know is the norm for most, but remember I work at a Theme Park!), I even requested a really early shift for Christmas Eve to give us time to start our festivities early. We were in business.

Then the first sign that things weren’t going to be so perfect happened…our tree fell over. On my way home from work on the the Monday before Christmas I got a text from my husband that our tree had fallen over. Yep that’s the tree that I insisted on having in a bucket rather than on a stand.  I filled the bucket with a couple gallons of water the weekend before since we had gone out of town. I wanted to make sure that the tree didn’t run out of water. Of course I regretted that decision when our tree fell over and the carpet was soaked! Half of the decorations fell off and I just didn’t feel like putting them back up. So I decided that when I had a chance I would take the rest of the ornaments off and just leave the lights. That should still look pretty nice right?

Then I got sick. Like super yucky-I’m tired-leave me alone-I have no appetite-sick on Tuesday. Whyyyyyy?!? When I get sick I am the kind of person who just wants to lie in bed and watch lots of TV and YouTube. But that wasn’t an option since I had to go to work even though I was out of it. So I had to give most of my energy at work. When I got home I just plopped down with my essential oils, diffuser, EmergenC, teas, raw honey and eventually some Elderberry capsules. I was NOT going to take any OTCs if I could help it. Of course this didn’t make for a very festive spirit!

As I mentioned before, we planned to make a big breakfast to celebrate on Christmas morning. We were going to go to his family’s house later in the afternoon and they were making gumbo (a southern tradition for Christmas). Well I don’t like seafood and I don’t eat red meat. So this didn’t excite me at all. This was why having a special breakfast was a big deal for me. The holidays definitely mean yummy food and I needed something food related to look forward to. I was going to make a quiche, skillet potatoes with chicken sausage. turkey bacon, roasted sweet potatoes with apples (his special request) and I bought cinnamon pull apart bread from Costco. Yes, this is way more food than 2 people needed. But hey, it’s the holidays! My plans were dashed thought since I wasn’t feeling well enough to make anything, and I barely felt good enough to eat anything. So breakfast that day was some turkey bacon and cinnamon bread.

By this point I was annoyed and being annoying, and eventually getting on his nerves. I complained that he had never vacuumed that pine needles up from when the tree fell over. Then I went to take a shower. When I got out of the shower I saw that he threw my tree away! Well of course this bothered me even more, I felt that he did this to spite me. He said that he only did it because he felt that Christmas was over and I was complaining about the pine needles. He insisted that this was not an intentional slight. But I didn’t care, my tree was gone, that felt like the last part of Christmas that I had to hold on to was gone. Needless to say this led to an intense fellowship (aka disagreement). This was the last thing I wanted for Our First Christmas. We had chosen not to do presents since we purchased some of our big wants in the last couple months. I didn’t have any special food, and couldn’t have enjoyed it anyway. Our tree was gone, all my homemade ornaments were in a box. And now, the one thing I really wanted was gone too. My love and I were not getting along. We weren’t snuggling by a fake fire and sipping hot cocoa spiked with peppermint essential oil. We were basically ignoring each other. It sucked!

By the end of the night I was so bummed that all I could do was cry. I was mourning over losing my ideal extra special, First Christmas. Then it hit me. ALL of these things, every last one of them had nothing to do with why I say I celebrate Christmas as a Christian. (Here’s a post by a friend of mine on this topic) Of course we know that most of what we do is based in pagan rituals anyway. Jesus was not born in December and food and decorations have nothing to do with Christ. But they have always been a part of the holiday season and I felt that these things were needed to make Christmas, Christmas. However this Christmas with all it’s “failures” had none of that. I literally felt that everything special was taken away from me. Then I had to give myself a mental slap and remember all of the things that I did have. There was so much, so many wonderful things to be grateful for. Also, if I had nothing else, I had Christ. That is something that nothing and no one can take away from me. It really helped me to change my perspective and focus to the right place.

Our First Christmas definitely left a lot to be desired. But the great thing is we can only go up from here right? I am going to endeavor to put my focus in the right place next year. I will make sure I spend time on what matters and the other stuff will just be supplemental. If our 2nd Christmas turns out even better then great! If not, well that’s okay too.

Hey, how was your Christmas and Holiday season? Did it live up to your expectations?



About Angela

I am a working homemaker and soon-to-be mom, striving to create an eco-aware environment. My goal is to show people how the average person incorporates small, practical changes to cause a big impact on your life and our environment.
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